about us

Twist and Tours is a travel enterprise sprouting out of Delhi NCR, It hosts a niche Travel Community providing services and leads regarding Transportation, Stay and Sight-Seeing across India. Twist and Tours intend to feed the wanderlust within you. Whether it be a bike ride in the Himalayas or a stay at a Cottage by the Beach, Twist and Tours can help you do it all.

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about the founder

I am Manan Mishra, Founder of Twist and Tours. I started this travel venture fresh out of college back in 2019. It wasn’t even a venture first 😉 I started on a very small scale, I started out by taking trips from colleges and then started scaling and monetizing on this enterprise. I have invested a major chunk of my life in travel. I am passionate about it.  Be it hitchhiking in a truck to Kasol to staying with locals in their huts. I have done it all. I have gone right to the roots of Himalayas to understand how tie-ups work to networking with hoteliers and villa owners.